Simple Spaghetti Bolognese

Bolognese sauce was probably the first mildly complicated thing that I ever learned how to cook. It was also one of the healthiest things that I ate from a young age. The kindergarten school that I went to served lunch everyday and spaghetti bolognese was my absolute favourite. I wouldn’t eat it if my parents made it for me, I’d only eat it there. I then matured onto the readymade meals from Woolworths. I was horrified when I saw that there were carrots in the sauce when I read the ingredients – my parents were thrilled.

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DIY Coffee Pod Scrub

Coffee scrub has been a big fad for a while. Since I’m not an avid coffee drinker I never got into the trend of scrubbing my body with coffee, nor did I see the point in it. That is, until now. I’ve seen so many people that can’t get enough of coffee scrubs. Scruff – a proudly South African product – has the most incredible reviews. I’ve also seen many other companies producing similar products all across Australia and America via Instagram. Coffee scrub is great for improving cellulite, exfoliation, increasing blood flow and can help improve acne (yay). Luckily for me, I am on holiday and I’m slightly stir crazy. So I got the idea to make my own coffee scrub and boy am I glad I did.  Continue reading

Broccoli Soup

With winter slowly dawning on Cape Town, I’ve started investing a lot of time in finding really good soup recipes. I only became interested in soup last year some time. Before it was always just a starter I would eat to be polite, but now I really enjoy it. Probably one of my favourite soups of all time is broccoli soup. From a really young age, broccoli was literally the only vegetable that I liked to eat – and carrots. Nothing more. You can imagine my excitement when my mom and I discovered a broccoli soup recipe. Continue reading

Updates and other fun things

Hi there friends! I’m back. Just a quick catchup: up until a few weeks ago this blog was part of a university project. That meant that I had to stick to certain guidelines that were a bit restricting in terms of freedom and me running a blog that I wanted to. In short – I have gotten my marks back for the blog and I’m just going to carry on using this blog but now it’ll have more posts about other things, such as beauty DIY stuff (yay no more word limit). I would also like to apologise for my absence – I’ve had exams. So sorry.

Posts will be coming soon. Ovens and stoves will be used. Exciting things are happening. Hold tight. xx

You’ll Scream When You See This Ice Cream

After entering the Emporium Shopping Centre in Parklands, one is immediately drawn to the stand in the middle of the atrium that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the shopping center. Although the shopping centre is modern, there is something special about this kiosk. Everyone in and around it is sporting a lab coat and safety goggles. When approaching the kiosk, it becomes clear that a crowd is attracted to the white gas that is being emitted from small, shiny white machines every few minutes. Suddenly it feels like you are in a high school chemistry lab, gawking at the experiments with your schoolmates. Everything here is planned with perfect precision, however the gas is not part of a science experiment – it’s for ice cream.

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Cantaloupe, Kiwi & Lime Popsicles

On Friday I discovered the most exciting shop – Food Lover’s Market. It’s a offshoot from popular grocery chain Fruit & Veg City. I spent over half an hour in the shop and I was excited for every minute. There were crates of fruit and vegetables that stretched on for what seemed like kilometres. Not only are their prices fantastic but the food also looked fresh and delicious. That being said, I did not leave empty handed. I came home with crates of fruit. They were cheap, I couldn’t possibly walk away from a crate of limes that cost R29 when it cost R5 for one – could you? I then came home to realise that I didn’t like limes as much as I thought I did and instantly regretted buying my crate. However, I came up with a fantastic solution.

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As I have mentioned before, I am not a lettuce fan. I’m always experimenting when it comes to making salads just so I can avoid using lettuce – in its many shapes and sizes. Since I eat salads regularly, I try to come up with new combinations as often as I can to avoid getting tired and bored of the same meal. Besides, how can I make a post about salad dressing but not provide you with any salads? Below are three of my favourite salads, they’re all great for when you’re on the go.

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